Nico Plongée

Scuba diving for everyone,

From 8 years old.

Come diving in Valras-Plage (near Beziers

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First dive / Explorations


Photo dive 80 €
(we take pictures during your dive; bring a storage device to get your photos)
Night dive 80 €
(meet us at 9.00 pm for greater sensations)
Underwater scooter dive 100 €
(get pulled by a scooter max speed 5km / h)
Treasure Hunt 100 €
(Find a treasure hidden underwater)
Diving discovery package 200 €
(Choose 3 dives from the first dive list. Limited to one name)

plonger-cheques-vacances Phone us to book:
06 11 36 40 91

Children Scuba diving

Bronze diver (from 10 to 14 years old) 3 dive for children 250€
Silver diver (from 10 to 14 years old) 4 dive for children 300€
Gold diver (from 10 to 14 years old) 5 dive for children 350€

Diving training level 1

380 €
diving-training-level-1 Diving training level 1 is the first grade of recreational diving and is recognized worlwide. It includes 5 training diving sessions (or 4 dives after first dive), theoritical training, and CMAS card

Diving training level 2

500 €
Le Diving training level 2: : Training including 8 technical dive, theoritical training, and CMAS card

The center is mostly focussed on training beginners and doesn't provide services for more experienced divers beyond Diving training level 2
plonger-cheques-vacances Phone us to book:
06 11 36 40 91

Come to the diving center

The diving school is located at the Port du chichoulet near Vendres-Plage and Valras Plage (20 min from Beziers, 30 min from Agde, 35 min from Narbonne, 55 min from Montpellier).

In Vendres-Plage, take a left turn just before the "capitainerie du port" (tall concrete tower) and take the road towards the jetty.

Drive until the end of the tar road.

If you own a smartphone, type "Nico Plongée" in google Maps, a GPS point will take you to the exact location

GPS coordinates: 43°12'57''N 3°14'12''E